Maybe I'll blog today.

Oh life. Why are you so repetitive? Haha. I don't really mind it, other than there is nothing much to write about. I work, I go home hang out with my girlfriend, and on the weekends I hang out with my friends. I am working on a post about my Labor Day vacation to Pacific City, but it's taking awhile. Work has been crazy busy and I'm always too tired, so it's coming, slowly but surely. Today I wanted to share some music. It doesn't follow so much with my normal picks but here are a few songs I LOVE.

I absolutely love the song "Down" by Jay Sean. Well guess what? J.R. Aquino does it better. I'm sorry Jay Sean. Maybe that's not right to say. He just does it different. I love love love this.

This song is super bubblegum, light, and fun. But I also really like some of the more...serious lyrics I guess. "I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly..." This song reminds me of Death Cab/Postal Service had a baby with like...3OH!3 or something.

I mentioned before that I was writing a post about Oregon. Well you should know that these 2 songs have a lot to do with that trip. No explination is needed, please just enjoy.

Mother Lover-Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake

I'm On A Boat-Lonely Island

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