Why I have NO business trying to multitask.

Have you seen Step Brothers? The part where the dad takes away the remote and Will Ferrell screams YOU ARE FUCKING HIGH? It's sort of an inside joke between my girlfriend and I. If you haven't seen it, here is a clip of it.

So I went on YouTube to find that video clip and was going to post it on Manda's Facebook. You know, so she could have a laugh. Well guess what? I posted it into a WORK ORDER. On our WORK WEBSITE. AND I CAN'T DELETE IT. So now, everyone in the office can see the video and it says very plainly Step Bros-You're Fucking High.
So I am FREAKING out. I couldn't breathe, I started to hyperventalate a little bit. I knew there was no way for me to delete it. So I sucked it up and went to tell my boss. He could not stop laughing. He was in hysterics! I kept telling him that I was worried about getting fired and that it was an honest mistake. He told me there was no way to delete it but it wasn't too serious because none of our clients or contractors could see it, just the people in our office. So for the next hour or so I checked back every 5 minutes and it was still there. I guess I was hoping that it would magically disappear!
Well I just checked back and it was gone. A few minutes later my boss called and told me that my "little problem" had been taken care of. Phew. No more messing around at work, I'll tell you that much.

Pay attention Kylee! Hahaha.

What I'm Listening to Today

Hey hey hey. Hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far! I've had a very interesting week concerning music. I've finally got a few stations going on Pandora.com and I'm finding all kinds of killer music! So I'm having a hard time deciding what song to pick for this week. So guess what? I'm picking 2. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! ; )

My first pick is called Penelope by Pinback. Whenever I listen to this song I can't get it out of my head! It's quite a calm song with some pretty interesting lyrics. My favorite part of the song is:
It’s depressing me
To see you struggle
I’m treading water with my oars
Glass galeons anchored, oceans floor
I’m diving down with all my gear
In search of treasure, para mi corazon

So here is that song. Enjoy!

My 2nd pick for this week is from Band of Horses. Why I was not introduced to this band earlier is almost a crime. I LOVE them! Ben Bridwell's voice (the lead singer)has been compared to My Morning Jacket singer Jim James, Neil Young, and The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. Some songs I suggest you check out are Our Swords, The Funeral, and Weed Party. This song is called The Great Salt Lake, so I can imagine you can guess what caught my attention? ; ) Enjoy!

As always, if you have a suggestion for me or want to be a guest, email me at kybeetigerface@hotmail.com.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Videos you MUST watch.


haha "is this real life?"


Best girlfriend ever.

If you're not interested in the sappy details of just how sweet my girlfriend is, I suggest you stop reading. Because she's so sweet, I almost have a cavity.

So Manda and I decided that we would celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend instead of last. We both had more money and it just worked out better. I already knew what my present was, a WII, and I knew that it probably wouldn't be here until Tuesday of Wednesday of this week. On Saturday, I picked her up to go the hotel and check in. She mentioned something about me not going in with her to check in which I thought was strange, but didn't think too much of it. Also, she only had 1 little bag with her and if you know my lover, you know that just doesn't seem right. But again I thought nothing of it and dropped her off at the front door to check in. Then she called me and told me to pull around the other side of the building and she'd come let me in. So we walked up to our room and she opened the door and my eyes immediately teared up. I saw candles EVERYWHERE. My wii was wrapped on the table with a card and more candles. On the bed was a picture frame full of my favorite pictures of us surrounded with even more candles. I was so overwhelmed, in the good way of course! That sneaky little girl had checked into the hotel like 3 hours earlier to get everything ready. It was so nice and I felt so special! We plugged in the wii and got right to it! haha : ) The rest of the night was just as amazing. We had dinner at the Olive Garden, went to the room and took a nap and then at midnight we went swimming! The pool was open 24 hours and we were the only ones in there!

It was the perfect way to spend Valentine's with my sweetheart : )


What I'm Listening To Today

I absolutely love Citizen Cope. You can't even understand. His voice, the beats, his lyrics-all good things. The first song I ever heard by him was a song called "Salvation". Don't listen to that song when you're already having a rough day ok? You'll just end up sobing into a pillow and questioning your whole life. Not that I did that. I'm just saying...Ahem, anyway. Some songs that I highly suggest you check out are Sideways, Back Together, Sun's Gonna Rise, and Let The Drummer Kick. For now, here is my pick for the week, Bullet and a Target. This song has been featured in TV shows such as HBO's Entourage, Sleeper Cell, and Cold Case. It has also gotten some play in a few movies like Alpha Dog, Trust the Man, and 16 Blocks. It's got some pretty serious lyrics with lines like

"People wanna bomb us
More people gotta scatter and run from us
You can blame it on Zeus and Apollo and Adonis"

and a beat that will without a doubt have you bobbing your head. Hope you enjoy!

As usual, if you wanna add what you're listening to for next week, send me an email to kybeetigerface@hotmail.com!

Have a good weekend everyone!


It's good to laugh at yourself

I've been having trouble waking up on time this week. So in order to get my lazy ass out of bed, I set 3 alarms on my phone for this morning. The first 2 just had normal annoying phone tones as the sound and then the last one I put on The Perfect Crime by the Decemberists. It rings pretty loud so I was sure that it would get me out of bed. I also have a playlist that I listen to at night on my ipod that includes that song. I heard the part of the song that is my ringtone going on over and over again. I was thinking that my ipod was skipping! So I woke myself up saying “I know a song that would go SO good with that one, I hope my ipod plays it next.”

And then I laughed for about 10 minutes before I got up. Ha!

I have the best girlfriend ever.

So guess what?
I have a secret.
I'm pretty excited about it.
Wanna know?


We decided to celebrate Valentines this weekend, so we haven't given each other our presents yet. BUT she knows how bad I hate suprises, so the night before last she decided to tell me what she was getting. I am not even kidding, I was like a little 8 year old kid! I was so excited, complete with jumping and shrieking of sorts. It's fine. haha. Well so that is my good news. I am way excited and if you wanna come play wii, come see mii!

Haha oh no, it's starting to take over my everyday life already and I don't even have it yet!


What I'm Listening To Today

Happy Friday and thank Baby Jesus that it's finally here!

My pick for this week is my favorite song by the Silversun Pickups. They busted onto my music scene with "Lazy Eye" and I was hooked. Brian Aubert's vocals mixed with fast guitar riffs and awesome bass lines was more than enough to get my foot tappin'! Ha! This song is called Melatonin. (excuse the video, but youtube wasn't being very nice this morning. If you were bored enough to get through Sin City and actually like it, maybe you'll appreciate it!) Give it a listen and enjoy!

Today my guest is girlfriend. Girlfriend, what do you have to say about your pick for this week?

Recently, I lost a close, dear friend of mine.

I was ijacked. [urban dictionary: 1. ijacked: someone stole your ipod.]

It was a devastating experience but one positive thing has come from the loss of my 8,500 songs. I was forced to find an online source of streaming music that my employer hadn't blocked. I found http://www.myplaylist.biz/ and although it's not the best, it introduced me to my new obsession,

Vampire Weekend. The band is New York based and has dubbed their sound, "Upper West Side Soweto" or Afro-pop, due to their influences by African pop music.

Appearing on their debut album, M79 is beyond a doubt the best song I've heard so far in 2009. I was instantly drawn in with the first cheerful chords and immediately loved the pairing of the harpsichord with the violin. With the clever and catchy lyrics: "While you're waiting like a factory line", and "You walk up the stairs/ See the French kids by the door/Up one more flight/See the Buddha on the second floor" and the upbeat tempo, this song is irresistible. It reminds me of and is comparable to MGMT's Time to Pretend, it is infectious, feel good music that evokes the feeling to get up and dance! Take a listen, I hope you enjoy. Perhaps enough to come with me to see Vampire Weekend on March 31st? : )


Memories of Us?

No, not the Keith Urban song. That song can shove it. Haha.
Think of your favorite memory of you and I. Just one. Post it in a comment!

My favorite memory of myself is that one time that I was watching Ace Ventura and recited the whole thing. Amen. Haha just jokes. Dooooo it.


What I'm Listening To Today

I love this song so much that it's actually what I've been listening to for the last few weeks. Tegan and Sara are one of my favorites! They're both amazing song writers. I've seen them live twice and both times I was very impressed. Also, they're funny. And I love funny. Bring on the funny. This song is called Call It Off and it's from their album The Con.

Here is a cover of this song by Allison Weiss. Check her out at www.allisonw.com

That's all for today! Enjoy and have a good weekend.


My porn joke

Beacuse I think I'm funny. Ha. (Manda is so sick of hearing this that she's going to skip over this post. Sorry babe! Ha.)

Me: I really want you to watch 6 Days and 7 Nights with me. Such a cute movie, I love it.
Manda: 6 Days 7 Nights? What is that, some kind of porn?
Me(without missing a beat): No, if it was a porn it'd be 6 Dicks and 7 Dykes.

Hahaha ok maybe it wasn't that funny. But I enjoyed it. ; )
Happy Monday!