There are a few reasons I should quit reading Perez Hilton's blog. Here's one.

The other day I was trying to take a nap and wasn't having much luck. When I finally dozed off, I had this doosy of a dream:

I was driving in a red pick up truck with Nick Lache. We were driving past Miley Cyrus' farm in Tennessee. All of a sudden, I tucked and rolled out of the truck. I was looking for something, but wasn't really sure what. In a crop of wheat I found what I had been looking for! Nick Jonas' blackberry!! HA! I was so excited because this meant I could finally get Taylor Swift's number for an autograph. I started emailing all the hot gossip blogs bragging about stumbling across my treasure. Miley went on the Oprah show begging whoever had it to return it because she really didn't want to have to buy him a new one and she felt responsible. (Because what's $300 bucks to her?!) I started going through the pictures and videos and I found a TON of porn. Like, a ridiculous amount. So I called Perez Hilton and told him I would be emailing all the juicy details.

When I started waking up, still in a haze, I kind of expected to hear it start ringing and answer to Miley begging me to give it back. Haha! Help my life.


Oh and by the way,

Happy Birthday Gramps.
Miss you today, miss you forever.
Wish you were here.

'Chu lookin' at boy?

What I'm Listening To Today

Oh what a 2 weeks it's been! I don't know if I've blogged about this damn diet I'm on, but FML, ok? Alright, alright I exaggerate, it's not THAT bad. Just no alcohol or normal decent food for a month and 3 weeks. HA! But the good news is that it's working. I have lost 13 pounds in 11 days and Manda has lost even more than that! We also went to the gym at our apartment complex last night which is something we both agree should be an everyday (or every other day) thing! Summer '09 bring it on because we're going to be ready! : )

So while I was at the gym last night, I discovered a little gem on my iPod. I've seen it peeking out a few times, popping up on my shuffle every now and again. But last night I heard 2 songs in a row from Dead Poetic, so I decided to investigate further. The first song and my pick for today is called Copy of a Copy from their album Vices. It caught my attention because in the song the lead singer sounds A LOT like Maynard Keenan. I got a little worried. Did I have Tool or APC on my iPod that I was not aware of? No. I did not. So here it is, Dead Poetic-Cop of a Copy. Hope you enjoy!

Have a good weekend, I'll be back next week!!


What I'm Listening to Today

Hey hey hey. Today I thought I'd go with a sort of theme. And I've chosen classic rock. Because my iPod has been posing as the Arrow today and has been playing all sorts of Zeppelin, Beatles, and Stones. I am going to pick 5 of my favorite songs by 5 bands.

The Rolling Stones-Beast of Burden. I heart this song. I remember being little and my mom would put this on and I had NO IDEA what the words were or what they meant, but my favorite part was when Mick Jagger repeats "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girlsss" haha.

The Beatles-You Never Give Me Your Money. I was never a big Beatles fan, until about a year and a half ago. I mean, I listened to them on occasion, but never bought an album or anything. Just listened to the radio and whatnot. But then I met my girlfriend and that changed. She's a HUGE Beatles fan so naturally I got more into them. This is one of my very favorite songs by them.

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Long As I Can See The Light. I cannot even begin to explain how much this band reminds me of my Grandpa Weed. This is SUCH an emotional song for me. Nothing like a warm summer day camping, a cold beer, and some CCR. Oh month of June, come a little sooner! Anyone up for another trip to Strawberry? ; )

Pink Floyd-Learning to Fly. This is probably my favorite SINGULAR Floyd song. (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Meddle are 1 song each to me ; )) Not much has to be said for Pink Floyd, or to explain why this is one of my favorite songs. Ok and don't judge the video. I love Pink Floyd and I love Harry Potter. What other choice did I have? ; )

Led Zeppelin-Goin' To California. When I was little little, my favorite Led Zeppelin song was Black Dog. And I was convinced there would never be another. Then, in about 2nd grade or so Fool in the Rain took it's place and I thought that would stay for the rest of my life. Well guess what? It didn't. Because as I got older, this song seemed to mean more to me. So I just can't have a favorite. Those 3 rank among the top, but I can't pick just one. This is such a pretty song. And c'mon, I'm basically positive that Robert Plant's voice was stolen from an angel! ; )

There you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed!!


What I'm Listening to Today

*cringe* I know, I missed last Friday. It's fine : ) I had much more important things going on. Such as....MOVING!! Manda and I finally got our own place. We're still putting everything together, but it's coming along quite well : ) Jude likes it a lot, especially the part where he gets to chase the ducks. Ha!

So my pick for this Tuesday, masking as Friday, is from a band called Eye Alaska. My sister is OBSSESSED and I gotta say I can see why. They are in the studio right now recording their full length debut album, but their debut EP called Yellow and Elephants has been out since June. Check them out!


What I'm Listening to Today

Happy Friday! I've been slacking for the last few weeks, my bad!

So lets get to it. This week I've been listening to all kinds of random stuff. So I'll probably pick a few, since my sister did as well.

Who even likes American Idol? I do not. BUT, I watched the Salt Lake auditions like I do every season. Because maybe I'll see someone I know. Well this year I did, kinda. And she made it to the top 9! Her name is Megan Joy. I met her at a Halloween party and she was dressed as Kat Von D and told us the story of the fairy tale tattoo on her arm. That was the only time I ever met her, so at first I couldn't quite figure out where I'd seen her, but then Gene reminded me. So I kinda followed her up until Tuesday when she was kicked off. I'm glad she didn't win. Because I don't want her to be pigeon-holed to being the winner of American Idol. She's got amazing talent and I think she could do some really awesome stuff. So here is Megan Joy singing Patsy Cline's Walkin After Midnight, one of my favorite songs EVER.

Megan Joy Corkrey-Walkin After Midnight

I love love love Minus the Bear. And I think anyone would have a hard time arguing with the fact that this is an amazing song.

Minus The Bear- Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse

This song is by Death Cab for Cutie. I saw them when they came with Tegan and Sara (or rather when T&S came with them) and eventhough I didn't see the whole show, that's when I realized that these guys are some serious performers! Especially the bass player, he dances so crazy! I love the bass intro to this song, I love the lyrics, the message, the feeling, I love everything about it!

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart (Live In Studio)

Ok, I'm done now. Heather, take it away!

Hello Kylee lovers. It’s the big sister because it’s Friday and I don’t want to work. As long as I’m typing though, it looks like I’m still working so bare with me. Much like my emotions, I’ve been listening to a cluster of different stuff so I actually have a song for five different genres.

Country- Lady Antebellum- I Run To You
This is such a cute song and I think it goes well with these trying economic times. Roaring twenties anyone? (That was for Reggie. Haha.) If you like country, check out this whole album. It’s cute.

Emo- Spill Canvas- Self-conclusion
I haven’t listened to these guys for a good year or so but for some reason, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song. Maybe because I play the story out in my head. I don’t know but I like it. And maybe I wish someone would jump off a cliff. What?

(Kylee says: random video I know, but I thought it was fun! haha)

Oldies- Sam Cooke- Frankie & Johnny- So the story in this song is pretty messed up but if I ever get my hot body I’m striving for and the tattoos I want, I’m trying out to be a Slippery Kitten and my audition dance will be to this song. And if I make it, this will be my debut dance too. Ha.

Pop- Varsity Fanclub- Future Love- Because there is just something about a future love. I think about it everyday.

So there you go. A blog full of music! This should last me for the next month or so, but don't worry, I'll be back next week : ) Wanna be a guest? You know the drill! Email me at kybeetigerface@hotmail.com