What I'm Listening to Today

Hey hey hey. Today I thought I'd go with a sort of theme. And I've chosen classic rock. Because my iPod has been posing as the Arrow today and has been playing all sorts of Zeppelin, Beatles, and Stones. I am going to pick 5 of my favorite songs by 5 bands.

The Rolling Stones-Beast of Burden. I heart this song. I remember being little and my mom would put this on and I had NO IDEA what the words were or what they meant, but my favorite part was when Mick Jagger repeats "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girlsss" haha.

The Beatles-You Never Give Me Your Money. I was never a big Beatles fan, until about a year and a half ago. I mean, I listened to them on occasion, but never bought an album or anything. Just listened to the radio and whatnot. But then I met my girlfriend and that changed. She's a HUGE Beatles fan so naturally I got more into them. This is one of my very favorite songs by them.

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Long As I Can See The Light. I cannot even begin to explain how much this band reminds me of my Grandpa Weed. This is SUCH an emotional song for me. Nothing like a warm summer day camping, a cold beer, and some CCR. Oh month of June, come a little sooner! Anyone up for another trip to Strawberry? ; )

Pink Floyd-Learning to Fly. This is probably my favorite SINGULAR Floyd song. (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Meddle are 1 song each to me ; )) Not much has to be said for Pink Floyd, or to explain why this is one of my favorite songs. Ok and don't judge the video. I love Pink Floyd and I love Harry Potter. What other choice did I have? ; )

Led Zeppelin-Goin' To California. When I was little little, my favorite Led Zeppelin song was Black Dog. And I was convinced there would never be another. Then, in about 2nd grade or so Fool in the Rain took it's place and I thought that would stay for the rest of my life. Well guess what? It didn't. Because as I got older, this song seemed to mean more to me. So I just can't have a favorite. Those 3 rank among the top, but I can't pick just one. This is such a pretty song. And c'mon, I'm basically positive that Robert Plant's voice was stolen from an angel! ; )

There you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed!!

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