It's strange to come back to where I grew up, but sometimes refreshing. I forget how close the mountains are here, it's a comforting feeling that I forget about a lot. Right now I can hear my grandpa giving my grandma a hard time, smell delicious food cooking, and it just feels good to be home.

Now don't get it twisted, I could NEVER live here again. I love the life I live in SLC and everyone in it. Just nice to come back.

Hey girlfriend, I miss your face right off. But by the time you read this, hopefully I will have made up on all this lost time with thousands of kisses. xoxoxxx



How To Play This Game of Tag:
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1. My cute little family. I love going home to Manda and Jude every day. Everyone always says "oh you're an old married couple" and blah blah but it's not that way at all! Manda and I have SO much fun together and I love hanging out with my best friend all the time.

2. My friends. Me and my sister have so much fun when we're together, I love hanging out with her. Eventhough Jaymee and I don't hang out much, we still have fun together and we're always texting and emailing. It makes me laugh all the day long. I love all the crazy drunks I hang out with and honestly think they're some of the best people around!

3. Tattoos. I love them. I love the ones I have (although they all need a touch up) and I love planning new ones! I wish I just had the cash dollas to make them happen!

1. Spiders. I do not even appreciate them at all.
2. Failing at life. Sounds dramatic but it's totally real.
3. Disappointing people I love

1. Keep money in my savings! ha
2. Lose weight
3. Minimize my STUFF. I have way too much of it and I need to get rid of a ton!

1. Dooce.com
2. finding cool new music on Pandora
3. The Duggar Family. 18 children is not a blessing from God. That is chaos.

1. I want to learn to play the accordion.
2. I like my job because it's not the kind of customer service that you kiss people's ass. It's the kind of customer service that you tell people to get a grip! ha
3. I could run in high heels. You'd never know it, but I kick ass in high heels.

Okay, I'm tagging these five people:
um I don't know 5 people with a blog. haha. So I tag Manda and Amber.


just one of those things that a girl goes through

I'm having a bad day today. I'm annoyed with everything and just want to go home to my cute girlfriend and my puppy. So I'm looking for stuff to cheer me up. Ok for one:

"your one and only boyfriend, it's nice to have a boyfriend..." hahahaha

ok and also:

yes, this song is about a girl named Kylie. He would like her to sing to him like a shining star. But not before he does her on the backseat of his car. hahaha

Also, the work day is over in 1 hour and 47 minutes. So THAT is something to be positive about.


honorable mention

Tegan Quin. Sorry Sara, but your sister is much hotter : )

Chino Moreno. Yes. Yes and yes.

List of 5

Everyone should have one. If you don't know what it is, see my lovely girlfriend's blog here

Here is mine

Shia LaBeouf

Brandon Boyd

Sarah Shahi

Tina Fey

Rupert Grint

Now I am usually not into redheads, but there is just something about that Ron Weasley... ha! : )


do ya, do ya wanna catch a cold with me?

oh oh I'm sick. I just wanna curl up in bed and drink some tea : (

It's getting cold and I'm starting to sneeze,
I wipe my nose on my sleeve.
I've got the sniffles
I'd better drink my tea.
Oh do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me?

I'd catch a cold with you anytime,
I ain't just feverish, I ain't just lyin'
'Cause when your nose is running it's a perfect time for kissing and hugging.
Oh do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me?

We'll stay inside where it's nice and warm
Tell our bosses, we're caught in a sneezing storm.
We'll sniffle and snuggle and watch some more tv.
Oh do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me?

I'd catch a cold with you anytime,
I ain't just feverish, I ain't just lyin'
'Cause when your nose is running it's a perfect time for kissing and hugging.
Oh do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me?

Do you do you wanna wanna wanna wanna do you do you wanna do me yes indeed,
Oh do you do you wanna wanna catch/have a cold with me?


the city lights just burn. Yeah the city lights just burn.

Actually, every light burns my eyes. Burns my brain. I have had a constant headache for 3 days.

Fuck you headache.
And fuck you, me.


This conversation seriously happened in the hallway at work.

Geeky man: Hey buddy! It's dad. How are you?

*silence and a confused/eager look on man's face*

Geeky man: Yeah buddy, I'm sure it's daddy. What are you doing?

ok that is just a hint. Maybe go home a little more a spend time with your kid. haha


we sat on the corner of Memphis and 53rd.

I am treading water. I'm waiting to make things happen. Sounds lazy, huh? Maybe so. But I'm feeling more optimistic than I have in a while. Nothing really has changed. I haven't made the progress I would like to, but I know I will be doing what I need to get done soon.

By the way. When we meet in the bathroom, don't try to shake my hand right when you walk out of the stall. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


oh those rainy day blues.

They haven't come as quickly this year, but the feelings I get when gloomy weather comes are starting to take their toll.

I'm sad for no reason, but can think of the stupidest reasons to cry. I feel bad because I know it's hard on everyone around me. My mom and my sister, who experience it too, all of my friends, Jaymee...everyone. Now I've got a girlfriend who really cares about me. And it's going to be hard for her too. Super hard. I want to fight it this year. I want to get proactive. I want to get my life organized, so that when I feel sad, a messy house, built up bills and laundry, or any other petty thing won't magnify it by a million. Because I have a lot of reasons to be happy. My life isn't bad. I am just sensitive.

In unrelated news, how gorgeous is this picture?


so I'm a little left of center, I'm a little out of tune...

some say I'm paranormal, so I just bend their spoon. Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy mixed up world? I don't care what they're sayin, as long as I'm your girl.

I am very distractable today. I didn't plan on blogging much, but now that I have this, I feel the need. I guess that's how these things work. I've been getting a lot done at work today, I am just not very motivated. I went through most of the day thinking it was Wednesday and was reminded that it's THURSDAY! Thank mf'n g! ha. Tonight should be productive. Gotta go to the 2nd job for a bit, then to do laundry. Mountains and piles and miles of laundry. I need to get a grip on my wardrobe. Maybe if I didn't have so many clothes, I'd do laundry more because it would be easier to manage. Thank god I have Manda to motivate me to get on that!
Then hopefully we'll celebrate Thirsty Thursday the right way. We've got a huge bottle of Arbor Mist and a huge bottle of Potter's Crown. Sounds like the right way to me.


Yes We Can

And yes we did. I can't even begin to describe how I felt yesterday, holding my girlfriend's hand listening to our new President-Elect give his acceptance speech. I was so overcome with feelings. I cried tears of happiness, tears of hope, and tears of relief. His words were so moving and so full of promise. And I believe he is the man that will fulfill those promises. I kept saying "he makes me want to go plant a tree!" It's true. He makes me want to get involved. And he makes me believe that we can rebuild this country "block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand."


Change 08=Obama 08

I've always been a very political person. Watching Larry King Live and CSPAN has always been much more interesting to me than the OC. When I was too young to vote, I was still involved. Encouraging all my friends and relatives to get out and vote. Because it's our responsibility for how shit turns out in this country. We were founded on the strive for CHANGE. Our principles are based on PROGRESS. Independence. And the drive to be the best. That is why so many people from all walks of life are in America. Because all the tools they need to succeed are here. All the help you need, you can find it here. I feel proud to live in such a diverse community, because that's what we've created.

It's a really amazing feeling to be a part of the election this year. I know that all 5 of Utah's electoral votes will go to McCain. But I don't care. Because I will speak. This is one of the most important elections in history. So many more people have registered to vote this year. People are getting involved. People are caring. And that is very important. I was going to vote early. But then I decided against it. I want to be there. In the middle of history. On the day it is made. Because I believe America is ready for a change. Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free....and together, we will stand, we will rebuild, right the wrongs that have been done. And be proud to do it. Obama is the leader we need. Leader. Someone that I believe in, someone I trust. So let's do it. Yes we can. Si se puede, yes we can!