oh those rainy day blues.

They haven't come as quickly this year, but the feelings I get when gloomy weather comes are starting to take their toll.

I'm sad for no reason, but can think of the stupidest reasons to cry. I feel bad because I know it's hard on everyone around me. My mom and my sister, who experience it too, all of my friends, Jaymee...everyone. Now I've got a girlfriend who really cares about me. And it's going to be hard for her too. Super hard. I want to fight it this year. I want to get proactive. I want to get my life organized, so that when I feel sad, a messy house, built up bills and laundry, or any other petty thing won't magnify it by a million. Because I have a lot of reasons to be happy. My life isn't bad. I am just sensitive.

In unrelated news, how gorgeous is this picture?

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