How To Play This Game of Tag:
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1. My cute little family. I love going home to Manda and Jude every day. Everyone always says "oh you're an old married couple" and blah blah but it's not that way at all! Manda and I have SO much fun together and I love hanging out with my best friend all the time.

2. My friends. Me and my sister have so much fun when we're together, I love hanging out with her. Eventhough Jaymee and I don't hang out much, we still have fun together and we're always texting and emailing. It makes me laugh all the day long. I love all the crazy drunks I hang out with and honestly think they're some of the best people around!

3. Tattoos. I love them. I love the ones I have (although they all need a touch up) and I love planning new ones! I wish I just had the cash dollas to make them happen!

1. Spiders. I do not even appreciate them at all.
2. Failing at life. Sounds dramatic but it's totally real.
3. Disappointing people I love

1. Keep money in my savings! ha
2. Lose weight
3. Minimize my STUFF. I have way too much of it and I need to get rid of a ton!

1. Dooce.com
2. finding cool new music on Pandora
3. The Duggar Family. 18 children is not a blessing from God. That is chaos.

1. I want to learn to play the accordion.
2. I like my job because it's not the kind of customer service that you kiss people's ass. It's the kind of customer service that you tell people to get a grip! ha
3. I could run in high heels. You'd never know it, but I kick ass in high heels.

Okay, I'm tagging these five people:
um I don't know 5 people with a blog. haha. So I tag Manda and Amber.


Amanda said...

You silly girl. I've already done this tag on my blog! : )

kybee said...

Yeah I know, I actually JUST came across it. My bad : )

Anonymous said...

I did it. :) Ha ha!