List of 5

Everyone should have one. If you don't know what it is, see my lovely girlfriend's blog here

Here is mine

Shia LaBeouf

Brandon Boyd

Sarah Shahi

Tina Fey

Rupert Grint

Now I am usually not into redheads, but there is just something about that Ron Weasley... ha! : )


Amanda said...

That red headed kid is so not cute, Ky. Get a grip. At least put the cool, lesbian indie-rocker in the top and give the dorky Harry Potter nerd honorable mention.

: )

kybee said...

It's my list and I want it now! haha no no, but it's my list and Rupert Grint will stay where he is.

: )

srta. Misterio said...

i like rupert its so cute
but brandon is very hot


Anonymous said...

I also think the Rupert cool! I liked the blog, I'm linking you!
, *