What I'm Listening To Today

Happy Friday and thank Baby Jesus that it's finally here!

My pick for this week is my favorite song by the Silversun Pickups. They busted onto my music scene with "Lazy Eye" and I was hooked. Brian Aubert's vocals mixed with fast guitar riffs and awesome bass lines was more than enough to get my foot tappin'! Ha! This song is called Melatonin. (excuse the video, but youtube wasn't being very nice this morning. If you were bored enough to get through Sin City and actually like it, maybe you'll appreciate it!) Give it a listen and enjoy!

Today my guest is girlfriend. Girlfriend, what do you have to say about your pick for this week?

Recently, I lost a close, dear friend of mine.

I was ijacked. [urban dictionary: 1. ijacked: someone stole your ipod.]

It was a devastating experience but one positive thing has come from the loss of my 8,500 songs. I was forced to find an online source of streaming music that my employer hadn't blocked. I found http://www.myplaylist.biz/ and although it's not the best, it introduced me to my new obsession,

Vampire Weekend. The band is New York based and has dubbed their sound, "Upper West Side Soweto" or Afro-pop, due to their influences by African pop music.

Appearing on their debut album, M79 is beyond a doubt the best song I've heard so far in 2009. I was instantly drawn in with the first cheerful chords and immediately loved the pairing of the harpsichord with the violin. With the clever and catchy lyrics: "While you're waiting like a factory line", and "You walk up the stairs/ See the French kids by the door/Up one more flight/See the Buddha on the second floor" and the upbeat tempo, this song is irresistible. It reminds me of and is comparable to MGMT's Time to Pretend, it is infectious, feel good music that evokes the feeling to get up and dance! Take a listen, I hope you enjoy. Perhaps enough to come with me to see Vampire Weekend on March 31st? : )

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