Best girlfriend ever.

If you're not interested in the sappy details of just how sweet my girlfriend is, I suggest you stop reading. Because she's so sweet, I almost have a cavity.

So Manda and I decided that we would celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend instead of last. We both had more money and it just worked out better. I already knew what my present was, a WII, and I knew that it probably wouldn't be here until Tuesday of Wednesday of this week. On Saturday, I picked her up to go the hotel and check in. She mentioned something about me not going in with her to check in which I thought was strange, but didn't think too much of it. Also, she only had 1 little bag with her and if you know my lover, you know that just doesn't seem right. But again I thought nothing of it and dropped her off at the front door to check in. Then she called me and told me to pull around the other side of the building and she'd come let me in. So we walked up to our room and she opened the door and my eyes immediately teared up. I saw candles EVERYWHERE. My wii was wrapped on the table with a card and more candles. On the bed was a picture frame full of my favorite pictures of us surrounded with even more candles. I was so overwhelmed, in the good way of course! That sneaky little girl had checked into the hotel like 3 hours earlier to get everything ready. It was so nice and I felt so special! We plugged in the wii and got right to it! haha : ) The rest of the night was just as amazing. We had dinner at the Olive Garden, went to the room and took a nap and then at midnight we went swimming! The pool was open 24 hours and we were the only ones in there!

It was the perfect way to spend Valentine's with my sweetheart : )

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Stef said...

um your gf should give classes on how to have a romantic evening for your significant other. that sounds amazing. I would pay to take the course.. for sure.