Why I have NO business trying to multitask.

Have you seen Step Brothers? The part where the dad takes away the remote and Will Ferrell screams YOU ARE FUCKING HIGH? It's sort of an inside joke between my girlfriend and I. If you haven't seen it, here is a clip of it.

So I went on YouTube to find that video clip and was going to post it on Manda's Facebook. You know, so she could have a laugh. Well guess what? I posted it into a WORK ORDER. On our WORK WEBSITE. AND I CAN'T DELETE IT. So now, everyone in the office can see the video and it says very plainly Step Bros-You're Fucking High.
So I am FREAKING out. I couldn't breathe, I started to hyperventalate a little bit. I knew there was no way for me to delete it. So I sucked it up and went to tell my boss. He could not stop laughing. He was in hysterics! I kept telling him that I was worried about getting fired and that it was an honest mistake. He told me there was no way to delete it but it wasn't too serious because none of our clients or contractors could see it, just the people in our office. So for the next hour or so I checked back every 5 minutes and it was still there. I guess I was hoping that it would magically disappear!
Well I just checked back and it was gone. A few minutes later my boss called and told me that my "little problem" had been taken care of. Phew. No more messing around at work, I'll tell you that much.

Pay attention Kylee! Hahaha.

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Hank E Panky said...

yes i almost pee'd myself when heather showed me the screenshot