My recent obssesion (and I mean recent, today, in fact!) is Ha Ha Tonka. Now since this is an obviously new discovery for me, I haven't listened to everything by them. But you should know that "Buckle in the Bible Belt Re-Release" is FANTASTIC. I can't stop listening. Here is on of my favorite songs from this album, called "Caney Mountain".

Also today, I've been listening to The Weakerthans, The Northern, and The View. Not the talk show!

Black Betty by Ram Jam is my badass song. Whenever I'm getting a tattoo, I put it on my ipod and INSTANTLY feel like a badass. Ever seen Blow? The scene where he's walking through the airport with 2 suitcases of cocaine and this song is playing? Epic!! Well guess what? Ha Ha Tonka did a cover. The guitar is a little sloppy, but I dig it anyway. Enjoy!

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Heather Howell said...

Siskel and Ebert would've given this two thumbs up....if Ebert hadn't have died. Or was it Siskel? Either way.