Remember when I used to blog?

Yeah, me too. Barely. Life has been interesting lately. Lots of downs, but the ups are much more abundant. And more important.
I finally got out to Austin to visit my sister. It was a short trip, but one of the funnest I have had! Drunken bar games, secret beaches and generally causing mayhem. I love her and I miss her everyday. But I am still incredibly proud of her for living her dream.
Life in the SLC has been a whirlwind. I spend a lot of time with Stef and Traci which is so good for me. Dunno where I would be without those two. Found a best friend in the least likely of places, in Brenda. She's been a huge strength for me and its nice to have someone who thinks on my level.. Example in this conversation: "Ky, we have not gone to a drive in or bowling once this summer." "By that I hope you mean drunken bowling.." "Is there any other kind?" Haha. I also bought a bike. She's a beauty. I named her Naya. She and I tear up the town! Reconnected with the exex girlfriend as well. I can honestly say I didn't ever see that happening. Now that it has, I can't imagine it not. We've both grown a lot. Its nice that we can be friends without our past being much of an issue. I like her friends a lot. I like her confidence even more. I am glad we can be grown ups. She gets me, and its nice to have that.
I like the people I surround myself with. Feeling like they actually want ME around is refreshing.
I have seen some amazing concerts in the last six months. Arcade Fire & Local Natives, Deftones again (such an amazing show), Coheed and Cambria again (that show came right when I needed it), Explosions in the Sky, the Decemberists, Edward Sharpe, and this past Sunday was Adele. Real talk, that shit was like a religious experience. And Wilson Philips on Sept 9th! Hold on for one more day!!
I am headed to Austin in September for Austin City Limits. I have never been to a big music festival like that before, so I am stoked!
I suppose that is all for now...until next time (most likely 6 months from now)...