What I'm Listening To Today

I love, love, LOVE my pick for this week. They are playing a show tonight at Kilby Court at 7pm. You should go, fo real. I think this song is super sexy!

AND here is what Heather has to say about her pick this week:

So not sure if any of you know but I do have my own blog but to be honest it sucks and I hardly ever post on it. Kylee’s is better so I’ll post on hers on occasion. My pick for this week would’ve been hip hop because Mija has been addicted to it for the last few days. I’m not even sure why but U92 has been playing in my car if I’m not listening to my Ipod but in the words of Kylee “gaaaayyyyyyyyy haha sheesh” so I’m not going with hip hop. But maybe your fingers could accidentally look up Dolla’s “Heartbreak Collision”. Funny thing about it is a couple months ago my mom came walking in all serious and says “Dolla was killed last night” with a heartbroken look on her face. She’s obsessed with celebrity news and whatnot and thought I knew who he was. My mom is more with it than me when it comes to useless gossip. She even says cray cray ok? I’m just sayin’. Ahem, back to business. A song I’ve been obsessed with for the last couple weeks is by Calexico/Iron & Wine and it’s called “He lays in the reins”. It’s very relaxing, country-esque, and has a dude singing en espanol. What more could you want from a song? Also I’d like to mention that Iron & Wine will be playing at the Twilight Concert Series at the Gallivan Center on August 20th. Sadly I’m sure it’ll be so packed that you won’t actually SEE them but hearing them should do. Hope you like. :)

ok Heather, here is your Dolla. Haha holla fo a Dolla!

and here is "He Lays in the Reins"

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