This is called husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend tag folks...

I've been tagged...
What's your girlfriend's name? Amanda Michelle Best. I call her Manda.
How long have you guys been together? almost a year!
How long did you date? We dated for a good 6 months before it was official
Who eats more sweets? Dude I am always craving chocolate cake or something random!
Who said "I love you" first? I did
Who is taller? She is
Who is the better singer? I would say her!
Who does the laundry? both of us
Who pays the bills? I pay mine and she pays hers
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? she does
Who mows the lawn? we don't have a lawn to mow
Who cooks dinner? I do
Who drives? Both of us
Who's the first to admit they are wrong? Oh jeez. I'd say both of us I guess
Who kissed who first? Ya know, it was all a big drunken blur. Haha. But I'm sure I kissed her.
Who asked out who first? I asked her on our first official date.
Who wears the pants? hahaha we both wear pants, duh! JK umm I don't know...

I tag...Manda and Amber

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