Inaguration Day

Jaymee, be quiet, I know that I didn't do a "what I'm listening to today" on Friday. Shhhh I suck but it's fine.

Today though, I want to talk about the Inaguration of President Barack Obama. President Obama. My president. Finally. My mom is addicted to CNN, CSPAN, and MSNBC. So all weekend it's been on and there have been a billion people on TV talking about how they think it's going to go and what they're excited for. I haven't paid any attention until today. Because I wanted today to be special. And so far, it is. I'm only listening to it at work, occasionally toggling over to the live feed on myspace impact. (Sasha and Malia just got there! They're so cute!!) I am SO excited. Barack will be sworn in to office in a half hour. This is such a historical day and I find myself feeling today the same way I felt when they announced that Barack was the new President-Elect. I feel the need to make a difference. I want to be part of the change. The headquarters for Obama's Angels is right here in Salt Lake City, UT and I think today I will go onto their website and find some sort of service that I can be a part of. So many people talk about wanting a change and I really believe that now is our time to take advantage of our resources and make a difference. If everyone did just ONE thing for someone else, donated a can of food or an old sweater, volunteered for an hour...think of the impact that would have on our whole community. Here is a video, for your consideration...

So what is your pledge? My pledge is to cut down on my consumption. I have reusable grocery bags and I will start using them. You can buy them from almost any grocery store for like $2. And if you use them enough, you will be saving MUCH more than that. I will also make an effort to shut off lights if they're not being used and unplug electronics and chargers when they're not being used. I pledge to have a more positive outlook, and hopefully when other people see that, it will change their outlook to a positive one. This is our chance to make a difference. This is our chance to make a positive impact and make OUR America a place that we can all be proud of. (OMG, Barack just got there, people are going NUTS!) I heart the USA and today, my cup runneth over.

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Stevie said...

GNC has GREAT reusable shopping bags for .99 :D