What I'm Listening To Today

This is slowly turning into what Kylee and Heather are listening to today, as Heather is my guest again this week. Stef was SUPPOSED to contribute, but she's too busy listening to Britney Spears to know what is going on around her. Haha here is what Heather says about her pick!

I was going to blog about Bruce Springsteen this week in light of his new album coming out on Tuesday and him performing half-time at the Superbowl this Sunday but to be honest, I haven’t even heard the new album yet. I’ve been listening to most of his older stuff. So, maybe The Boss will be next week(if I’m invited next week ;P). This week, I’ve been listening to Adele’s “Cold Shoulder” quite a bit. I was lucky enough to see her and James Morrison (who is equally amazing) last Friday night and I fell in love. Her whole album is fabulous but this song just sticks and I find myself coming back to it. She is adorable and makes me wish I could sing. Hope you enjoy. And if you are really bored and want to play on YouTube, you should check out the high school band that plays a cover of the song. It’s sweet!

My pick for this week is by the Decemberists. I really love these guys. They come from Portland Oregon with quite an interesting style. Some of their more...for lack of better word...unconventional rock instruments include the hammond organ, the accordion, the melodica, and the stand up string bass. Some of my favorite songs are The Mariner's Revenge, Red Right Ankle, and this song, The Engine Driver.

That's all for today. And as always, if you wanna be a guest next week, email me at kybeetigerface@hotmail.com with your pick of what you are listening to!

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Stef said...

SHIT! i totally slacked off. mmmmpapi